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We have been in the beauty and cosmetics industry for many years. We select the best products that works best for our consumers and clients.

Color Minerals

Natural, Healthy, Glowing Skin is achievable with Color Minerals cosmetics. All our cosmetics include ingredients that are either beneficial or benign that make our skin look softer and prettier. We do not use an ingredient whose sole purpose is to improve the look or texture of the product in the jar; that is simply not our mission. The ingredients that we exclude are: dyes, lakes, carmine, synthetic fragrance, talc, bismuth oxychloride, petroleum derivatives, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, methylparaben, propylparaben, UREA, and others.

Our complete line of mineral powder cosmetics is mineral-based, which means that all of the ingredients come from rocks, naturally. We create easy to use, natural, wearable and long-lasting cosmetic products that make every woman beauty comes true. That is our promise to you.

A Few Words by Our Founder

“Color Minerals is about giving everyone what they deserved. Beauty is for everyone and we believe Color Minerals will be the unifying tool that will bring the very best out of you. Now with Color Minerals, everyone can always be at their best everyday and everywhere.”

-Jerrin Angel Lee, 2020

Benefits of Color Minerals

Made from only the finest mineral ingredients from Mother Nature.

● Free of talc, oil, bismuth oxychloride – anything that is capable of causing breakouts or irritation.

● It is suitable for all skin types.

● Contains non-chemical ingredients like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide to create a broad spectrum of SPF protection for even the most sensitive skin.

● If you have problem skin, including conditions such as acne and rosacea, you will probably see an improvement in your skin when you stop applying commercial brands and start using our make up.

● No expiry date.

● It is so natural, you do not require any special cleanser to remove your makeup.

● It is very water-resistant and loaded with SPF that protects and enhances your skin color.

● Micro-formulated using the highest quality minerals and botanicals sourced.

● Naturally preserved and completely free of irritants, mineral makeup is light and longwearing.

For women of color, COLOR MINERALS has a wide range that suits any complexion. With more than 10 colors to choose from, you are bound to find your perfect shade.

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