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Paradise Multi Color

$29.00 ~ $39.00

Get pretty in fashion’s latest hues, with Paradise Multi Color. Imbued with soft intensity, eyes can be dusted with these metallic pastel colors. Bewitch in twinkling hues of pinks and browns or glisten in sheer platinum and gold. COLOR MINERALS collection dazzles in enchanting wearable hues that blend from simple to sophistication colors. You can use in with your favorite body lotion or hair cream to create shimmer. Use these colors as highlights that sparkle subtly and utterly sexy as dust on powder.

For dry application, apply with your fingertips or our Eye Shadow Brush. Use Lip Mattifier on the eyelid first before dapping the colors for long lasting wear.

For wet application, apply with damp dap cotton bud or our Angle Brush.

Active Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Mica

Available In

2 packaging: Loose & Pressed




PPMC#03 – Sparkling Wine

PPMC#04 – Goldie Rosie

PMC#12 – Breezy Sea

PPMC#20 – Smokey Charcoal

PMC#39 – Pickle Tomato

PMC#41 – Lavender Scent

PMC#49 – Purple Orchid

PPMC#51 – White Pearl

PPMC#55 – Dark Chocolate

PMC#62 – Metallic Silver

PMC#87 – Pinky Shy

PPMC#107 – Deli Peach

PMC#121 – Ocean Marine